Friday, December 4, 2009

My Royal Family

Meet Briana.
This is my eldest sister and the inspiration of my whole life basically.
In 1992 at the age of 3, I was given tickets from "The Fashion Police" consisting of Briana and my other older sister (Chentil) telling me what I should be wearing and what was embarrassing to our family blood.
During that time period of my life Briana was 12 and already making sketchbooks of designs.
Now lets fast forward to now 2009.
So much has happened in between.
Since the day Briana showed me the magic portal to the "World of Fashion" my mind has never left.
Briana has been putting her soul into numerous projects these past few years which my whole family is really excited about and believes in 100%.
We are so excited that we want to help bring everything to life in any way that we can.
We are about to bring our love and imagination from the "World of Fashion" to the real world.
Throw my mom piece, two other sisters, a brother, a future husband;) and a few other family members into the mix and we have ONE powerful force.
Get excited everyone.
Above is a picture of Briana and a knitwear piece she created herself.

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