Friday, July 31, 2009


The last time I saw a picture of Zoe Kravitz was a few years ago in Teen Vogue.
I randomly came across a picture of her today and I was in shock.
Her fashion sense is so on point.
I see myself in her and I think we could be long lost sisters, cousins or friends.
We own a lot of the same pieces( the same fox fur piece, ray bans, acid wash jeans, bohemian headbands flannels, highwaisted shorts etc.)
She is definetly Mer-worthy.
Seeing her has given me the confidence to rock the bohemian headband with the fringe. (Before I was unsure if it looked haute)
She seems like a fashionista with a flower-mermaid child heart. Just like me.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


No I'm not talking clothes or shoes this time.
I'm talking HAIR.
FRINGE is also a term for what Americans call "bangs"
I learned this from my beautiful sister Briana who is living in London.
I fell in love.
But of course I love everything FRINGE.
So why wouldnt I love it when it comes to hair?
Anyways, it only takes a few snips.
DrasticSteadyStraightAcross and
For your very new look with FRINGE.
I also had it last Summer and it can be very challenging to tame.
Good thing I will be leaving the MIAMI hauteness next week!
Me sitting outside at Whole Foods of course. Wearing American Apparel Tee. Pearl Earrings. Vintage Lion Head Ring. Mother of Pearl , Gold, Silver and Onyx Ring. Scattered Diamond Ring

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sundays on Lincoln Road

Some of the Fish of My Ocean Room
all unique
of shape,size and color.
So beautiful.
They're all impatiently waiting for the move.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Once Upon a time.......

I, Marissa Kathleen Schindler(MK) created a new blog.

The reason this occurred is because a lot of changes were going on in my life and I wanted a fresh start.
The reason for my new blog name FASHION MERMAID is because that is what I truely am at heart.
I also am moving from my city MIAMI to go back to school in Upstate New York( Hello NEW YORK CITY,TORONTO and MONTREALyou will be seeing me often)
I wanted to take a piece of the Ocean with me in all my future fashion and life endeavors with my move. Even though I will be visiting friends here, my sister in San Diego and my other sister in Europe within this next year, me and the Ocean aren't going to be seeing eachother as often as we do normally.
Plus my room always looks like a Sea, with all of my Fashion pieces from my closet floating everywhere.I of course am the mermaid of my room with my long flowing hair.

I really really hope that with this new blog we can all....

Live Happily Ever After!