Thursday, July 30, 2009


No I'm not talking clothes or shoes this time.
I'm talking HAIR.
FRINGE is also a term for what Americans call "bangs"
I learned this from my beautiful sister Briana who is living in London.
I fell in love.
But of course I love everything FRINGE.
So why wouldnt I love it when it comes to hair?
Anyways, it only takes a few snips.
DrasticSteadyStraightAcross and
For your very new look with FRINGE.
I also had it last Summer and it can be very challenging to tame.
Good thing I will be leaving the MIAMI hauteness next week!
Me sitting outside at Whole Foods of course. Wearing American Apparel Tee. Pearl Earrings. Vintage Lion Head Ring. Mother of Pearl , Gold, Silver and Onyx Ring. Scattered Diamond Ring

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