Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sprinkles and Mermaid Hair

Sooo lately I've had this urge to do something different with my Mermaid Hair. I would obviously NEVER cut it so I'm thinking about bleaching a strip of it and dying it a random color. My friend RaJ has been trying to encourage it too. This picture of these multi colored hair extentions made my mouth water. SO INSPIRING. They look like sprinkles to me. The sound of the Ice Cream Truck outside also probably contributed to that thought lol. Well I'm going to make a milk shake(and pop) and paint the ceiling of my room now. I wouldn't mind printing this picture out and making it ceiling size for me to awe at either.
image via thecobrasnake


  1. do it this girl in my fashion merch class bleached a strip framing her face it makes her look gorg..

    <3 u

  2. Awea I love et.
    Mermaid Hair makes me happy.
    I want to dye a tiny strip on my bottom layer where my hair is the longest.
    Im scared though I haven't touched my hair with dye in over a year!
    I kind of wanted to keep that going.

    <3 u 2 A


love you beautiful mer-folk