Monday, August 17, 2009

BEWARE: I have many eyes.

Among all things in the Fashion World it is hard to pick a favorite piece of anything.

However, if I absolutely had to choose what my favorite thing to wear is, I would probably pick sunglasses.
You can wear sunglasses with any outfit of any kind.
There are so many to choose from for whatever mood you may be in or whatever event you are attending.
Ultimately someday with all of my projects I have planned, I would love to design sunglasses for one of my favorite labels or perhaps start my own line.

I know that I will only sell the freshest sunglasses in whatever store I may own.
I was storing all of my sunglasses in an abandoned Gucci box that my sister's watch came in but my collection seems to be growing too fast and large for it.
Above are pictures of my collection, along with some of my favorite photos of people wearing them.

(Can You find my best friend ALisha and I? Or do we blend in too well?)

My sunglasses at the moment consist of Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, Prada, Chloe, Random Vintage Pairs, Urban Outfitters, Forever21 Lolitas, Rome D's, A few pairs of sunglasses that Im not sure who they are made by that my sister gave to me that she got for free for looking at their lines,Betsey Johnson, and I'm not sure what else.

I have stated before that I will wear sunglasses that range from $1 to $1000's a pair it all depends if they sing to me or not.

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